SJM Carpentry & Building was founded in 2001 by qualified carpenter Sam Macdonald.
With nearly 20 years’ experience in the building industry, Sam started his career as an apprentice at 18 years of age. He honed his trade skills through diverse projects, ranging from $30 million commercial constructions to bush housing in Aboriginal communities.
After a short stint playing professional rugby in Darwin, Sam spent five years as a building subcontractor in Mildura, before he embarked on a mud-brick home project in Clare. This experience sealed his commitment to sustainable building design and also his connection to the Clare Valley, where he moved with moved with family in 2001.
In addition to his day job, Sam has spent many hours renovating his own properties, and his renovation tally now totals six homes. Sam’s commitment to sustainable design building practices, is reflected in his choice to use ‘Rammed-Earth’ technology in his own home, set for construction in Clare.
Sam Macdonald (pictured right) with SJM team leader Paul SandySJM leading hand Chad FisherSJM apprentices Daryl McIntyre (pictured left) and Chris Earle
Sam employed his first apprentice in SJM’s first year of business. Since then, the company has kick started the careers of nine young tradespeople. Six have completed their apprenticeships, with three more due for completion in 2011.
SJM currently employs 17 staff across a spectrum of business and trade roles: administration, finance, project management, team leadership, carpentry, machine operation, masonry, trades assistance and plaster board flushing. The business also has access to 30 qualified trade subcontractors.
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