New Homes

At SJM Builders we pride ourselves on the creative and innovative plans that we design for your new home. All of our plans are custom designed with our client, and aim to be ecological, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. These practices are a key focus of our designs. Our designs are made to the client’s specifications and include our expert advice to enhance the best attributes of your block and include environmental considerations in all that we do. Communication is essential to a successful build as a client’s opinion is valued and an important aspect of our building process. We pride ourselves in turning your dream home into reality!


At SJM Builders we have completed many renovations, all with outstanding outcomes for the client’s completed projects. We pride ourselves on managing every detail of the renovation, so it’s completed to the highest standards. Our tradespeople have many talents and skills ensuring that all work is completed in a timely manner and to the highest standard. We have Site Supervisors who are specifically in charge of the client’s project, and they work closely with the design team to ensure everything is completed exactly as the client has requested.

Commercial Buildings

SJM Builders have worked on many commercial constructions and builds. We have a team that is highly experienced in working on large scale projects – from the initial meeting stage to project completion. The team work together with the client to create a result that is above expectations, on time and on budget. At SJM we are exceptional at keeping lines of communication open and believe in being transparent with all our builds, as it builds trust and mutual respect between the client and SJM staff. Our team is able to manage and maintain a high standard of work production and the end result is always to our customers satisfaction.

Interior Design

At SJM Builders we have a team working together alongside the customer to ensure that the interior of the house or the job we are completing is exactly what the client requests. Our team has had a vast range of experience and comes highly recommended by past clients. If you are looking for inspiration on your next project, pop in and see our team here at SJM to assist you with your selections – guaranteeing an exceptional result.


At SJM Builders we can install concrete in a variety of areas from completing internal concreting, large outdoor areas, shed floors, to external areas and paths around a house. At SJM we pride ourselves on completing every job to the highest standards and customers satisfaction is our highest priority.


At SJM Builders we are committed to building a sustainable design that incorporates a variety of aspects that can be utilised to assist your house or renovation in being energy efficient. Design aspects we take into consideration are insulation, solar panels, re-usable recycled water, north facing windows and double-glazed doors and windows. This is an area we are very passionate about and aim to incorporate as many aspects as we can into your build or renovation.